Scott Piltch: Millennials in the Workforce

Scott Piltch on the Jim Wolfe Show

Scott Piltch on the Jim Wolfe Show

Scott Piltch is a Millennial Career Coach and Organizational Consultant.

In this episode of the Jim Wolfe Show, Scott Piltch and I discuss what companies don’t tend to understand about the millennial generation along with what millennials tend not to understand about their careers and what to do about it:


For individual millennials, discover your true strengths, develop them more than focusing on shoring up weaknesses, and build your career based on them. If you want to start a business, take jobs that teach you the skills you’ll need to run things on your own.

For organizations, make sure you have a higher purpose and vision that drives your actions.

Get millennials involved right away. You don’t have to give them tons of responsibility right away, but they want to feel like they are making a significant contribution to the advancement of the organization’s mission.

Also, encourage and allow them to build specific skills based on their strengths and interests. Foster a “fun” environment that allows them to enjoy being at work – this actually leads to MORE productivity and higher retention. Millennials tend to like to work hard on their own on something meaningful and then come together for more casual socializing.

Lastly, compliment millennials on their growth and contributions. Little reinforcements of the positive are much more effective than trying to “drive them from above.”

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