Patrick James: Should You Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business?

Patrick James

Patrick James is Amercia’s Charisma Consultant for Men

In this episode of the Jim Wolfe Show, Patrick James and I discuss his decision to quit dental school and start his own business.

Now that it’s been almost exactly one year since he left dental school, we talk about whether or not it’s been worth it, what his entrepreneurial journey has been like, and the tips he has for anyone thinking of leaving their job or quitting school to pursue a dream:


1. At the end of the day, you have to define “success” for yourself. Not everyone should be an entrepreneur; the key is to do what makes you feel fulfilled in this one life we have to live.

Being an entrepreneur is HARD. People only see the people who’ve “made it” and assume it was an overnight thing. Hardly ANYONE who’s “made it” has actually had that experience. Be prepared for sleepless nights and a dwindling bank account before you reach any level of success or glory.

But, having said that, working on your own thing in your own way on your own terms is the most fulfilling way to live.

2. Break down your big vision and big goals into smaller, manageable steps and goals so you can build momentum and so your mind doesn’t have to deal with “open loops” all the time. It takes away your motivation and energy, while completing tasks fuels your fire.

3. Keep the faith. When you jump out into “uncertainty” believe in your vision until you succeed or truly find out that it won’t work. Don’t stop mining 3 feet from gold.

4. If you decide to quit your job, start a business, change your major, change careers, or make a similar “big leap,” set a date for making the change and stick to it. Set it for 6 months or less from now and then, when the “D-Day” comes, pull the trigger. Don’t procrastinate. Patrick’s “D-Day” was THE NEXT DAY after he decided to quit dental school. Mine was about 2 months after I decided to leave my job to go out on my own.

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