Level Up

Level Up: Your Guide to Authentic Confidence and Internal Blisslevelupgreen-3D-transparent

It all started with one, simple, burning question: I have everything I thought I wanted; why do I still feel miserable?

I spent five years and over $12,000, read hundreds of books, pored over hundreds of academic journal articles, listened to hundreds of podcasts, and took in an enormous amount of audio, video, and live trainings to answer that question and have the transformation I was searching for (for a partial list, see Further Exploration).

I was willing to learn from any source. I searched everywhere. All of that experience went into making this book for you.

My goal is to enable you to have a similar transformation in much less time, while spending much less money, and searching through many less sources of information than I did. I want you to have a framework within which you can conduct the rest of your personal growth. If that sounds good to you, grab your copy of Level Up on Amazon.

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Here’s what readers have been saying about Level Up:

Level Up empowers readers to transform the way they view themselves starting now. Self-loathing, neediness, and anxiety are replaced with intense love for the self and others, acceptance and contentment. It is filled with radiating truth and practical advice that is invaluable in the world today. Level Up gets at the heart of what human beings long for.” – Brandi Y.

Level Up is concise, has a ton of value packed into it, and it’s fun to read. The book lays out the road to feeling amazing. All I have to do is follow directions.” – Will J.

Level Up is so simple, yet profound. It will make a huge impact on anyone who takes the time to do the work and read the book.” – Becca D.

Level Up is a wonderful personal development book for anyone looking to feel happier with themselves and live a life of purpose. It covers a vast range of subjects without leaving you feeling overwhelmed because they come from one central message of loving yourself more and for no specific reason other than that you are perfect just as you are. Level Up covered a lot of relevant topics for me, but sometimes from a different angle to how I’ve viewed them before. It gave another view and reminded me of things that are all too easily forgotten, like how frickin amazing I am. It made me look at my journey to love myself more and see that I am still a work in progress but now with a heap more practical tools and ideas for making changes to that.” – Caroline L.

Level Up is the most useful book I’ve ever read. It left me with a sense of empowerment over my life. I will continue to read it for encouragement and I’m excited to put the ideas into practice in my daily life” – Brenda D.

“Numb to the humdrum and predictable vacillations of everyday existence, many of us sometimes wonder if there’s more to existence than just this. Legitimate questions about what we are and whether there’s something better lead to cultural clichés like “quarter century” and “midlife” crises. Proactively work through and navigate these crises – or just revisit how to find and realize your most authentic self by using this book. Level Up gives you a distillation of the most important concepts that can help you chart that path.” – Ali I.

“I would recommend Level Up to anyone who is unsatisfied, afraid, desperate to change, or just generally uneasy about their own life. It is the best self-help book I’ve read and the only self-help book I’ve actually finished and will read again and again. It’s the only book I didn’t turn away from after trying to tackle exercises that didn’t make sense or have real life meaning.” – Kelly C.

From the back cover:


Have you ever achieved something but still felt like something was missing? Have you ever thought that there must be more to life, like maybe there’s something happy, fulfilled, successful people know that you don’t? Are you sometimes happy but sometimes suffering in silence? Well, suffer no more. Level Up will show you how to live a life that is both fulfilling and successful in a real, meaningful way. The best part is that you get to be yourself; perhaps even MORE than you are right now.

Level Up will teach you:

  • How to feel permanently better inside every day in a healthy, sustainable way
  • How to be more confident all the time
  • How to be more popular without changing who you are
  • How to achieve REAL success and accomplish more
  • Why diets don’t work and what you should do to change your life instead
  • How to ACTUALLY “love yourself”
  • The main cause of social anxiety and what to do about it
  • How to raise your personal value
  • How to expand your comfort zone
  • How to recruit reality to work for you instead of against you
  • How to Level Up your personal power
  • How to use fear to your advantage
  • How to “self-soothe”
  • How to break codependent behavior patterns and be your true self
  • How to live a fulfilling life

…and more.

Grab your copy of Level Up on Amazon